Pawn, Sell or Trade Your Firearm in Columbia, South Carolina

Decker's Jewelry and Pawn

Pawn your Firearms

Need to Upgrade Your Firearm?

Deckerís Jewelry and Pawn is a stocking dealer for Glock, Smith & Wesson and Ruger and offers a large selection of new and used firearms as well as firearms accessories and ammunition. Canít find what you are looking for? No problem, we can order it for you. In addition to a Federal Firearms License we also have a Class III Weapons License.

Pawn your Firearm

Need cash but donít want to sell your firearm? No Problem! Bring it to Deckerís Jewelry and Pawn and we will be happy to assign a borrowing/collateral value for your firearm and you can borrow up to that amount of money. The process is quick and easy and you walk out with your loan in cash knowing that your firearm is safe and sound until you come back to pick it up.

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We will buy your Firearm

Are you looking to sell your firearm? We buy firearms. Looking to upgrade your firearm? We will accept a trade-in on a firearm when you upgrade to a different firearm. Bring it into the Deckerís Jewelry and Pawn shop in Columbia, SC, and we will make the process easy for you to sell or upgrade your firearm.


No interest. No hidden fees.

Deckerís Jewelry and Pawn has the best firearms layaway program. Your down payment is only 25% of the purchase price Ė no interest, no hidden fees. Every penny you pay goes towards paying off your layaway. In addition, you are not limited to 30 or 60 days. With our low payment plan, you can take 5 months or more to pay off your layaway.

Pawn your Firearms

Firearm Shipping From/To Columbia, NC

Have you ordered a firearm and need help to receive it? We can help. You can order a firearm from anywhere and we can receive it for you. Need to ship a firearm? We can help. Want to transfer a firearm out of your name? We can help. Bring it to Deckerís Jewelry and Pawn shop in Columbia, SC, and we will help you with all of your firearm transfer needs.


Interested in a silencer? Look no further than Deckerís Jewelry and Pawn shop. Silencers are and always have been legal to own. Our experienced sales team can make the process easy for you. We will help you with the paperwork and provide you with clear instructions on filing your paperwork with the proper authorities.

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