Benchmade Knives Dealer in Columbia, SC

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At Decker's Jewelry & Pawn we are a proud Benchmade Knives dealer, a purely American born company that makes knives for everyday carry, hunting, rescue, survival, outdoor, tactical and kitchen. Come visit our pawn shop in Columbia, South Carolina, today to see our wide selection of Benchmade Knives.

Carefully Crafted Knives For Every Purpose

Benchmade's knives are carefully crafted to be durable, convenient, and compact to fit easily within your pocket. Choose from our assisted-opening, manual-opening, or automatic-opening folding knives. Benchmadeís knives are designed to perform a variety of daily tasks at any given time.

Benchmade Knifes

Hunting Knives

For Columbia, SC, residents, a reliable and trusted knife is a critical component for a successful hunt. Benchmade knives are meticulously designed to perform specialized tasks when it comes to all your hunting needs. Benchmade's Saddle Mountain Skinner knives are premium fixed-blades designed for big game hunters. This skinning knife will quickly and efficiently remove the hide from any animal without compromising the meat. At Decker's Jewelry & Pawn we offer the most advanced hunting knives in Columbia, SC, that can stand up to any task.

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Outdoor Knives

From water to woods, backpacking trips to car camping, kayaking to fly fishing, Benchmade outdoor knives are versatile cutting tools. There is no challenge in Columbia, SC, tough enough for a Benchmade blade. Strap any Benchmade outdoor knife on your hip the next time you venture into the outdoors and be prepared for anything that comes your way.

Rescue Knives

A reliable rescue knife isnít a choice, itís a necessity. When dealing with emergency situations, it is crucial to have the right utility tools at your disposal. Benchmade's rescue knives are designed for the gloved hands of emergency personnel with the capability of performing a variety of tasks.

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Tactical Knives

Designed for hard, immediate use, Benchmade tactical knives are high strength and feature robust mechanisms for situations where performance is a must. Our military grade knives in Columbia, SC, are unmatched when it comes to combat and tactical situations.

Survival Knives

Things can happen unexpectedly for any adventurer. Benchmade survival knives have been built for the unexpected. At Decker's Jewelry & Pawn we offer a wide variety of knives serving a number of purposes. If you need a knife with clean and precise skinning abilities, view our drop-point blades. Come visit Decker's Jewelry & Pawn in Columbia, SC, and browse our survival serrated blades.